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How to Launch a Million Dollar Business in 27 Days -Day 9: 7 Ways to Increase Sales with a Local Service Website


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This is Day 9 in our Zero to Launch in 27 Days series. Yesterday, we chatted about the importance of branding & consistency within your business.

Today we’ll discuss a couple elements that sophisticated e-commerce websites use to increase conversion rates and boost sales.

And we’ll use them too! With all the tools available at our disposal there’s no reason why conversion optimization techniques should only be available to VC funded companies and large e-commerce stores.

This stuff just works, yet, less than 1% of local service businesses use these techniques.  Well, we’re not going to make that mistake.

Everything we do at this stage is to set ourselves up for success from jump!  Okay, let’s get moving!

7 Ways To Increase Sales on a Local Service Website
1) Offer Gift Cards on your site

Screenshot 2015-09-22 13.12.36

Well this is pretty much a no-brainer, but I’d bet you’d be hard pressed to find even two lawn-care companies in your city that offers giftcards.

You’d be surprised how much extra revenue we book by offering giftcards.

The above widget is from launch27 and allows someone to send an email giftcard instantly.  The recipient can redeem it at any time right on our website.

A completely seamless way to increase revenue.

2) Have your customers refer friends to earn credits

Screenshot 2015-09-22 12.51.11

Although these are standard practices with companies like Uber, very few lawn care sites have the software to manage a refer-a-friend program? It’s just not that common.

There is no single better marketing than a vote of confidence from one of your customers.  So having a program like this is a no-brainer!

For other local businesses we have had customer post their referral link on social media, post in local facebook groups, and email them out to friends.

And absolutely awesome way to grow that you’ll find almost no one at the local level does.

This is again.

3) Show that someone else just purchased

Screenshot 2015-09-22 13.00.58

So now we’re getting fancy!  This app from Groovejar allows us to show that someone just purchased service with us.  This is a subtle but powerful technique to increase sales on your website.

We know that we’re going to be one of only a handful of companies nationwide that uses something like this!

4) Offer additional services at checkout

Most fancy e-commerce sites include a little section after you select your product that tries to interest you in additional items that would be a good complement to your original selection.

The famous “Upsell!”  We do this too, and it works like a charm!

Screenshot 2015-09-22 12.54.55

It’s akin to the lady at Starbucks asking you, “Anything else?” That one simple question can increase revenue per client by a substantial amount.

For example, someone booking a home cleaning will be presented with a list of add-ons, like “Clean the inside of the fridge” or “Do a load of laundry.”

Perfect way to increase the average revenue per booking!

5) Show and Instant discount to encourage booking

Screenshot 2015-09-22 12.58.22

This is yet another tool to get the customer to take action on our site.  We set something like this pop-up, and show and instant discount, AND it shows our next available service.

Very simple stuff, but super powerful to inspire action, and get our customers to schedule service right away online!


6) Offer a discount with a countdown to spur action


Screenshot 2015-09-22 13.05.50

As I’m working, I always test different types of popups to see which ones convert best.  With a timer, without a timer, or percentage discount vs an actual dollar amount…we’ll test different variants and see which ones lead to higher conversion rates.

And of course, you can be sure that this is stuff that your competition by and large are not doing!

7) Show Customer Reviews on your site

Screenshot 2015-09-22 13.08.24

Last, but certainly not least, we use a widget from Groovejar to show customer reviews right on our website.  What I’ve learned, is that at the local level, customers come to the website, leave and go look for reviews, and then come back and book if they are satisfied. We use this tool to show reviews right away so we can keep them on the site.

Keep more folks on the site = More bookings!


An extra word on discount codes

DeathtoStock_Creative Community5-min

Personalize those bad boys when you can!

For example, let’s say we showed up late for an appointment, I might send the client a message like this: “Hi Mary! Our apologies again for running late, please use this discount code for 10% off your next service: Special4Mary.”

You’d be amazed at how a simple gesture like this will make people love you (even if you’re apologizing for a screw-up).

Hope this was helpful, and if I can answer any questions in the comments, fire away! I respond to 100% of them 🙂



Rohan Gilkes is the CEO & Co-Founder of Groove Living Startups, LawnTribe, Launch27, and WetShaveClub. He loves building stuff that matters and crushing fools in table tennis! :-)

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