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How to Launch a Million Dollar Business in 27 Days – Day 5: The One Page Business Plan


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If your business plan is longer than one page you’re wasting your time. Let’s get to it…

This is Day 5 in our Zero to Launch in 27 Days series. Yesterday, we laid out a few tidbits on how to instill trust with your website.

Today, we have to figure out the business plan.

Here’s the thing: Business plans are mostly bullshit!

Well, those monstrous documents that people usually think of when they think business plans.

Not that you shouldn’t spend time crafting out a strategy and planning well, that’s what we’ve been doing over the past 4 days. You just don’t need anything more than a simple one page document.

Super long 90 page Business plans are great for convincing banks to lend money, so I understand why folks pack them full of fancy pie charts and predictions.

Problem is they’re also great for leading folks to procrastinate, over-analyze, and do all those things that just kill actual progress.

My approach:

Create a one page plan with bullet points.

You need a simple document that you and your team can understand and keep an eye on going forward.


Yes, you should spend time planning out what you’re going to do. But if you can’t wrap up everything you’ve learned in a one-page document then you’re overthinking it.

My approach has always been the following: Create a one page plan with bullet points.  

A simple plan is all you need

Screenshot 2015-09-09 12.11.48

You can download this here.

You can simply capture the things that will be the foundation for the company (which we’ve covered in the last few days) and go from there.

For Lawn Tribe since we have already mapped out what our company is going to look like based on our competitive research my outline looks a little different and is focused more on the company experience.

Either way, the goal is a simple one page look at where you’re heading.


Lawn Tribe is a service driven Household company. We will:

  • Provide World Class service
  • Make it easy for clients to do business with us: Easy Online Booking with Flat Pricing
  • 200% Guarantee: We fix it AND (Refund if client wouldn’t recommend us to a friend)
  • 30 Minute On time guarantee window. Fast, friendly & expert customer service.
  • Provide service with no contracts. Clients can cancel anytime.
  • Focus on environmentally sound business practices

Initial Service Selection:

  • Lawn Mowing
  • Hedge work
  • LawnTribe is a service company that sells household solutions to simplify lives.

Customer Service Experience:

  • Fast, Accurate, Scheduling
  • Friendly, helpful, “Above and beyond Service”
  • Refer customers to competitors for jobs we are not able to do

Team Experience-What we do internally:

  • Performance based goals for teams-Teams compete based on Quality
  • Best performing teams get majority of clients
  • Service availability 7 days a week
  • Culture, core values, and customer service training
  • Interviews based on Core Values fit

LT Core Values

  • Deliver RA! Service (Ridiculously Awesome)
  • Underpromise and Overdeliver
  • Build in surprising experiences
  • Be adventurous and open-minded
  • Pursue Growth and personal improvement
  • Communicate Honestly
  • Build an enjoyable team spirit
  • Keep an eye on cost
  • Be passionate and enthusiastic
  • Be Humble

Make a simple business plan just like this using what you’ve learned from the previous days’ planning and brain exercises.  We will add a bit more on what we will charge, and how we will get paid and other items in the days ahead.

Your plan is a living document

So the core things we have put together will form the basis of our company, but rest assured, by the time the 27 days are up, we would have mapped out all of this.

Screenshot 2015-09-09 12.18.56

We’re going to get to this stuff, but we build in a more action oriented approach where everything we do is focused on getting moving.  We’re not going to sit around for 6  months creating some beautiful 100 page report with charts and graphs.

And we’re not going to kill ourselves trying to pre-solve problems that we don’t even know if they only exist in our heads or not.


At this stage in the game, action wins!  And tomorrow, there is more action to come!

What’s Happening Tomorrow


Tomorrow we’re going to show how we make it easy for our customers to do business with us and reveal our competitive edge that catapults us ahead of the competition every single time.

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Rohan Gilkes is the CEO & Co-Founder of Groove Living Startups, LawnTribe, Launch27, and WetShaveClub. He loves building stuff that matters and crushing fools in table tennis! :-)

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