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How to Launch a Million Dollar Local Business in 27 Days- Day 1: Idea Validation and Site Concept


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So, over the next 27 days, I’ll lay out the exact blueprint I took to launch a company in 27 days that ended up doing millions of dollars in revenue.

Oh before we get started though, check out the backstory if you haven’t.

I’ll wait.

Alright, let’s get moving.

So I’ve laid this out so you can follow along and build your own thing at your pace if you’re so inclined.   You’re going to have to ignore those naysayers in your head and get moving if you’ve been stuck in the “let me come up with ideas” phase all your life.

Here is an idea, and I’m giving you the execution as well!  Okay, let’s get moving!

Site Concept and Idea Validation

Okay I think the “let me validate my idea” is a pretty flawed concept.  Why waste time validating some magical idea when there are tons of ideas out there that are already validated for you by other companies?

4VTDQ367MU-min (1)

What we do instead is avoid even trying to come up with some amazingly unique idea that no one has done before.

Instead, we take a look at what other companies are already doing successfully.

If there’s a lot of competition already doing that thing, and a lot of people making money, then all we need to do is throw our hat in the ring and be at least as good as one person that’s making money.  No fancy validation needed.

And that’s how we get moving, because at the end of the day…

Competition IS the validation.

There’s plenty of competition in something like lawncare, but very few companies will allow you to come to a website and book service online instantly.

And that’s how we’re going to differentiate ourselves. We’ll plug in something like launch27, let our customers schedule service instantly and separate ourselves from the competition with ease.


Screenshot 2015-09-01 13.47.11

And that’s how we’re going to differentiate ourselves!

We’re going to build a simple lawncare website and start driving business to it!

This is the point where people usually say “Well the market is saturated!”.  Nope!  I’ll tell you what the market is saturated with though: A lot of mediocre players making a LOT of money selling local services.

Let’s go see how we can get off the sidelines and get involved.

No need to reinvent the wheel

At this point things probably seem a little crazy already. So we’re going to build an online lawn care service and we know nothing about lawncare?


Screenshot 2015-08-29 14.43.49

Yup!  And we’re going to do it in a way where we take the best aspects of the current industry and tweak a few things to make it work with our model.  What we won’t do though, is try to reinvent the wheel completely.

No matter what we’ll carve out our own little niche, layer on a rack of value and stand out from the competition in ways that we’ll cover soon.  For you, if you’re actually following along, make sure your businesses fit these criteria: 1) Recurring revenue with a simple local service 2) Seamless online booking.

This powerful combination increases your chances of being successful exponentially.

No fancy twists or super original ideas needed. Crazy I know!

Simple Online Booking Form

The days of businesses being run like travel agencies are over, but the competition has not figured this out as yet.  Here’s a screenshot of how simple we make it when clients hit our checkout page:

Screenshot 2015-08-29 14.41.52

Your competition on the other hand will require customers to sign contracts, set up a day to view the property and a gazillion other hurdles.

We do away with this and build a simple on page checkout and we’ll probably be the only company in our entire city offering this! : -)

At the end of the day, we focus on building companies in ways that reduce our risk of failure by attacking a proven market instead of trying to invent a new one.

Then, once you have your first customers, your business model is built upon repeat business, glowing testimonials, superior onboarding, and a few more competitive advantages that we’ll discuss later.

Summary and Day one Wrap-up

So that’s it for Day one. We’ve picked our muse: An online Lawn-care Startup!

Screenshot 2015-08-29 18.06.49

For you it could be another simple local business that fits this criteria:

1) Simple local service that you can find providers for in your city

2) that allows for recurring revenue from the same client over and over

3) and can be scheduled online easily enough

What we’ve found is these services work well for this: Lawn-care, home cleaning, laundry, pool service, moving service, car detailing, and many more.

Basically any local service where having online booking is going to be a nice competitive advantage.  Let the games begin! 


Tools and resources:

Groovejar – Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

Launch27–  Booking form and scheduling platform

GrooveLearning – Facebook Group, Training,  and Motivation

Themestreet– Local Service WordPress Themes


Rohan Gilkes is the CEO & Co-Founder of Groove Living Startups, LawnTribe, Launch27, and WetShaveClub. He loves building stuff that matters and crushing fools in table tennis! :-)

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