I build online businesses and share everything so you can see what works.

I’m a startup entrepreneur , writer, and local brand builder. I’ve launched and grown several companies, generated millions in revenue, and along the way allowed thousands of people to peek over my shoulder to see what works and what doesn’t. What follows is the 80/20 approach to building a successful business. Ready? Let’s get moving.

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Mental Bitch Slap.

Business plans are a joke. The market is NEVER saturated. Innovation is over-rated. Your customers are often wrong. A minimalist’s look at launching and growing a business!

Wow, I love the counterintuitiveness of what you do. When I look at the ideas that have had the most impact on my life, they have gone against the grain.

Andy Drish, Founder/CEO, The Foundation

It’s an awesome ongoing case study on how to do content right. There’s something valuable to learn in every single post.

Andrew Warner, Mixergy

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